Frequently Asked Questions

Inspired by the idea of creating a world where drinking healthy doesn’t mean compromising on taste, NAKED LIFE was created in Dave’s (our founder) kitchen in 2016. Aiming to reduce sugar in his own diet, David quickly realised there was an opportunity for soda’s that are better-for-you, without compromising in taste.

We have created Naked Life+ in order to transform our brand from just being a great tasting sugarfree, low calorie beverage provider into a brand focused on delivering better-for-you drinks aimed at getting the best out of you with every sip. Our drinking chocolate and sparkling nootropics contain functional, natural ingredients that deliver impact you can feel and taste you'll love. Designed to bring out your best with every sip, no matter what the day might throw at you.

Naked Life is stocked nationally in Woolworths, Coles IGA and other leading retailers!

We use a proprietary blend of 100% natural Stevia, Erythritol andMonk Fruit which give you the same sweetnessand flavour profile as sugar but without the sugar rush or calories!

Erythritol is a sugar alcohol naturally extracted through fermenting fruits and melons.It has only 6% the calories of sugar but 70% of the sweetness!The best thing is that it doesn't spike blood sugar!

MOST of our products are low GI as none of our sweetenerscreate an impact on sugar or insulin levels! Yay!
Our Betta Boba Bubble Tea does contain 1.g sugar per can.

We pride ourselves on making the best tasting, better for you drinks. Check out how low we are in calories!
Naked Life Sodas: 7 Cals - 14 Cals
Naked Life Iced Teas: 9 Cals - 18 Cals
Naked Life+ Sparkling Nootropics: 2 Cals - 22 Cals
Naked Life+ Drinking Chocolate: 34 Cals - 36 Cals
Naked Life Betta Boba Milk Bubble Tea: 129 Cals
Naked Life Betta Boba Iced Tea: 8 Cals

From time to time we enjoy geeking out on some of the ingredients and processes behind our drinks. The wonderful world of natural nootropics is also a complex one, however a nootropic is in essence a compound that enhances cognition and memory and facilitates learning.
The best part? All of the nootropics we use in our drinking chocolate and sparkling are all natural!

You can mix our drinking chocs any way you like!
We suggest for the best performance, you use some hot water to dissolve the hot chocolate and then just top up with milk.

All Naked Life products are caffeine free EXCEPT for:
Energise Drinking Chocolate
Energise Citrus Burst Sparkling Nootropic