Living Naked

Time to strip away the mediocre

At Naked Life we are inspired by creating a world where flavour and better-for-you go hand-in-hand without compromise. We create Australia’s best tasting naturally sweetened drinks that empower you to enhance your life. Naked from artificial colours and flavours, too much sugar or calories, these drinks are crafted to help you feel, do and be a little better one sip at the time.

So go on, strip off and join us.

Our Story

A passion for flavour

Inspired by the idea of creating a world where drinking healthy doesn’t mean compromising on taste, NAKED LIFE was created in Dave’s (our founder) kitchen in 2016. Aiming to reduce sugar in his own diet, David quickly realised there was an opportunity for soda’s that are better-for-you, without compromising in taste. What started with a range of 3 iconic flavours, has today expanded to large range of refreshing soda’s, an all-natural, sugar-free range of iced teas full of antioxidants, tonics crafted with distilled botanicals, a range of functional sparkling as well as hot chocolate drinks, bubble tea, water infused with wonky fruit and many more to come.
Still proudly Australian-owned, Australian-made and Australian-crafted, we’re focused on delivering better for you drinks for any taste and occasion that are no/low in sugar, low in calories and uncompromising on taste so that you can’t resist another sip.