Frequently Asked Questions

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We use a proprietary blend of 100% natural Stevia, Erythritol and
Monk Fruit which give you the same sweetness
and flavour profile as sugar but without the sugar rush or calories!

Erythritol is a sugar alcohol naturally extracted through fermenting fruits and melons.

It has only 6% the calories of sugar but 70% of the sweetness!

The best thing is that it doesn't spike blood sugar!

All of our products are low GI as none of our sweeteners
create an impact on sugar or insulin levels! Yay!

Lots of other cola's and "natural" soft drinks use phosphoric acid to give it more bite. Phosphoric acid has been linked to issues in kidneys, teeth, bones and other issues. In our mission to create something better for you, we have formulated our drinks without it!

We knew we could do better.

We pride ourselves on making the best tasting, better for you drinks. Check out how low we are in calories!

Naked Life Sodas: 7 Cals - 14 Cals

Industry average: 139 Cals!

Naked Life Iced Teas: 9 Cals - 18 Cals

Industry average: 133 Cals!

Naked Life Non-Alcoholic Cocktails: 5 Cals - 8 Cals

Industry average: 110 Cals!

Naked Life Tonics: 7 Cals - 8 Cals

Industry average: 90 Cals!